CSET Prep Classes

The CSET Multiple Subjects Exam encompasses a broad range of challenging material, including math, science, history, literature, language arts, visual & performing arts, humanities and physical education.  Or if you’re planning to take a CSET Single Subject Exam, you’ll be asked to demonstrate a high level of in-depth knowledge within your specific subject area.  Either way, the exam can feel quite challenging.

The good news is you don’t have to know everything.

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) publishes Content Specifications listing the subject matter requirements for each exam.  These are the key concepts you really need to know in order to pass the CSET— and this is exactly what we cover in each full-day CSET Prep Class.

Teacher holding CSET prep class.Your CSET Prep Class will also teach you powerful and innovative test-taking strategies designed specifically for the CSET, including tips on how to deconstruct Multiple Choice questions and how to use the specific terminology test graders are looking for on Constructed Responses.  

We’re very proud of our CSET Prep Classes, and we’re confident that they’ll help you succeed.  In fact, every class is guaranteed.*  If you take our CSET Prep Class and don’t pass, you can take it again, free.

Please note, the CSET Tutor program is now part or Teachers Test Prep, which continues to offer our CSET courses, as well as prep classes for a variety of other teacher certification exams.

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