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The CSET Tutor program is now part of Teachers Test Prep, the statewide leader in CSET, CBEST, and RICA preparation!

CSET Test Preparation

CSET Tutor offers a wide range of services to help you prepare for, and pass, the CSET Multiple Subjects Test.  We offer group Prep Classes and Private Tutoring in all three subtest areas, including:

We also provide free services like online CSET Practice Tests, Study Guides, helpful info on CSET Test Dates and Exam Registration, CSET preparation advice, answers to FAQs, and much more!


The CSET Tutor program has become part of Teachers Test Prep, Inc., which offers the leading prep programs for the CSET Multiple Subjects and CSET Single Subject  exams! 

To learn more about how we can help you succeed, please visit Teachers Test Prep today.


CSET Study Guide

The California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) Multiple Subjects Test encompasses a broad range of material, including Math and Science, History and Language Arts, Visual/Performing Arts and Physical Education.  When it comes to studying, it can be tough just deciding what to focus on.

We're here to help.

All our CSET Prep Classes and Private Tutoring sessions include a free CSET Study Guide.  Based on the CCTC's content specifications, this simple, no-frills guide outlines all the core concepts most likely to appear on the CSET... exactly what you need to pass.

In addition to the CSET Multiple Subjects, Teachers Test Prep also offers preparation programs for the Praxis exams, CBEST, and RICA.

 v Private Tutoring
Whether you want help with a specific subtest, such as CSET Math and Science, or you just need to review for the entire Multiple Subjects Test, Private Tutoring is a great option.  After an initial evaluation, your tutor will create a one-on-one program designed to meet your exact needs.  Private Tutoring is fast, effective, and it's more affordable than you might think.
   v CSET Prep Classes

CSET Prep Classes are our most popular service.  Following the CCTC's exact content specifications, we cover all the key subject matter you need to pass the CSET Multiple Subjects Test.  Each CSET Prep Class also teaches powerful test-taking strategies and includes a free CSET Study Guide.

 v CSET Practice Test

Wondering how you'll perform on the exam?  Take our online CSET Practice Test!  Based on the CCTC's content specifications, our CSET Practice Test is exactly like the real thing.  But this interactive exam doesn't just tell you which questions you got right, it allows us to give you a precise breakdown of the subject areas you need to review.  What's more, this service is absolutely free!

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