CSET Multiple Subjects, Subtest III - Human Dev., PE, and Arts

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Sample Questions:


The composition above is written in what key?

            A. B-minor

            B. E-flat major

            C. A-sharp major

            D. C-major



In dramatic directing, the term blocking typically refers to ____________.


            A. the action of the antagonist in resisting the protagonist’s goal

            B. the design of the set and props for each scene

            C. positioning the actors on the stage and mapping their movements

            D. the mood created by factors such as lighting design



                            Image used under the GNU license agreement.


In Frans Koppelar’s Landscape Near Bolgna, pictured above, the artist uses atmospheric perspective in order to _______.

A. allow the viewer to see the entire hillside

B. create the illusion of depth

C. give the images a “dreamlike” quality

D. suggest a feeling of connectedness between nature and its rural inhabitants



Which of the following components are most important to a mature football throw?


A. spinning the ball off the fingertips and following through with the arm

B. swinging the non-throwing arm and lifting the front leg just before release

C. holding the torso as motionless as possible and visually focusing on the ball

D. gripping the ball directly in the middle with the laces away from the fingers



Which of the following is highest in unsaturated fat?


A. lean beef

B. corn oil

C. lard

D. cooked pork



A fifth grade student joins a basketball program as part of her physical fitness routine.  Which of the following aspects of the game would be most beneficial in building fast-twitch muscle fiber?


A. long periods of jogging from one end of the court to the other

B. creating accuracy in shooting through repetition

C. cutting around a defender while dribbling

D. jumping vertically when rebounding


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