CSET Multiple Subjects, Subtest II - Math and Science

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Sample Questions:


Steve wants to cover a high school football field with sod.  The field is 360 feet long and 160 feet wide.  Sod can be purchased in squares in 1 foot increments from 1 foot wide up to 7 feet wide.  What is the largest size squares Steve can purchase with which he can cover the field completely without any gaps or overhang?


            A. 5

                B. 3

            C. 7

D. 6



Below, the standard addition algorithm is being used to add three two-digit numbers.






If x, y and z each represent a different digit from 0 to 9, what is the value of (x)(y)(z)?


            A. 114

            B. 15

            C. 8

            D. 7.6



The triangle inscribed within square ABCD has, as its base, side AD, and has a height of 6 cm.  If the area of the triangle is 21 cm2, what is the area of the shaded region?



A. 28 cm2

B. 22 cm2

C. 18 cm2

D. 21 cm2



Which of the following is not part of an animal cell?


            A. Nucleus

            B. Cell wall

            C. Mitochondria

            D. Cell membrane



Which structure is responsible for regulating basic functions such as respiration and heartbeat?


            A. Cerebral cortex

                B. Brainstem

            C. Cerebellum

D. Hippocampus



During which phase of the water cycle is water most likely to act as an agent of transportation for sediments?


A. Precipitation

B. Evaporation

C. Infiltration

D. Runoff


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