CSET Multiple Subjects, Subtest I - Reading, Language, Literature, History, and Social Science

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Sample Questions:


The idea that, in English, words are made up of letters that approximate the sounds heard when we speak these words is called _____________.


            A. the alphabetic principle

            B. phonics

            C. pragmatics

            D. fast mapping



Which of the following vowel patterns is highly consistent in its pronunciation?


            A. oa

            B. oo

            C. ea

            D. ou



A teacher shows her student a picture of a fictional creature called a “blurk”.  She asks them what two of these creatures would be called, and they respond correctly with “blurks”.  Her students have demonstrated ________.


            A. the ability to deconstruct meaning using syntactic clues

            B. phonemic awareness

            C. the ability to use morphological rules instead of remembering a past experience

            D. an understanding of how semantics affects the underlying meaning of language



Use the map below to answer the question that follows.


The highlighted region in the map above illustrates the extent of which ancient empire?


            A. the Roman Empire, circa first century B.C.E.

                B. the empire of Charlemagne, circa ninth century C.E.

            C. the Egyptian empire, circa eleventh century B.C.E.

            D. the empire of Alexander the Great, circa fourth century B.C.E.



Which of the following California industries was most damaged by spending cutbacks in the 1970s?


            A. agriculture

            B. aerospace

            C. entertainment

            D. mining


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