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Kaplan CSET Study Guide

Kaplan CSET Multiple Subjects is one of the best-selling CSET Study Guides on the market.  Here we provide a thorough review of Kaplan CSET to help you decide if this is the right study guide for you.

Like a number of CSET guides, Kaplan CSET is quite lengthy, and at 560 pages, covers much of the material you'll find on each Multiple Subjects subtest.  Each subtest content section also includes a practice test for that section, though this virtue is offset by the fact that Kaplan CSET includes only one full-length practice test, while several of its leading competitors include two or more.  However, if you purchase this book and are looking for additional full-length exams, you can download one from NES Inc., or take the free CSET Practice Test provided here on our website.

In reviewing this book, we have found that it is easy to read and user-friendly in terms of the writing itself, but is inconsistent in the level of subject matter expertise demonstrated from one subtest area to the next.  The History and Language sections of Kaplan CSET, for instance, are nicely crafted, while the Math and Science sections are very repetitive with regard to the types of problems presented, and contain a number of incorrect answers and somewhat clumsy explanations.  And while this study guide does present a great deal of relevant material, it also presents quite a few problems that are not at a difficulty level representative of the actual CSET exam.

As with most study guides, our clients that used this guide have told us that Kaplan CSET was a helpful resource in studying for the CSET Multiple Subjects Test, but that Private Tutoring or CSET Prep Classes were the key to helping them fully understand the concepts presented.  While certainly useful on its own, most of our clients found the extensive information presented in Kaplan CSET to be most beneficial when used in conjunction with the more focused outlines given in our free CSET Study Guide.

We highly recommend that if you use this guide without taking one of our comprehensive classes, that you also download the Content Specifications available on the CCTC's website, as well as take the free practice tests available from both CSET Tutor and NES, to insure that you get an accurate sense of the test's difficulty level and that you are covering all the key concepts needed to pass. 

Overall grade: B-


Kaplan CSET Multiple Subjects

You may purchase Kaplan's CSET Multiple Subjects guide at by clicking the image below.


In summary:

Kaplan CSET is one of the more user-friendly prep books available, but is not always the most focused or accurate in terms of the actual material presented.  There are also some issues with practice test questions being both repetitive and inappropriate in terms of difficulty level.


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