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Cliffs Notes CSET Study Guide

Cliffs Notes CSET Multiple Subjects is undoubtedly one of the most popular CSET Study Guides on the market.  Here we provide a thorough review of Cliffs CSET to help you decide if this is the right study guide for you.

If you're looking for a great deal of information, Cliffs CSET has it.  At well over 500 pages, this guide gives a very broad survey of the material you'll find on each Multiple Subjects subtest.  Some of our clients found the amount of information presented in this book to be useful when used in conjunction with the more focused outlines given in our free CSET Study Guide, while others felt the amount of information given in Cliffs Notes CSET guide was simply overwhelming.

In reviewing this book, we have found that one of the best features of Cliffs CSET is the two full-length practice exams, which include answers and explanations for each problem.  While we have found a few errors in these CSET practice exams, for the most part, they include questions that are very similar to the actual exam and explanations that are (generally) clear, correct and useful.  For those seeking additional practice, these tests can be a good supplement to those provided by NES and the free CSET Practice Test provided here on our website.

Examining Cliffs CSET's lengthy review sections, you'll find that some content is simply an extensive list of facts that, while relevant, are often laid out in a "laundry list" fashion that makes them difficult to contextualize and absorb.  This is particularly true of sections such as History and Language Arts, while other sections are a bit more student-friendly.

Most of our clients that used this guide have told us that Cliffs CSET worked well as a "starting off point" in studying for the CSET Multiple Subjects Test, but that Private Tutoring or CSET Prep Classes were the key to helping them fully understand the concepts presented. 

Also, a note of caution regarding using the Cliffs CSET guide: You should not simply rely on studying the two practice tests in preparation for the CSET.  Chances are, you will receive very few of the same questions that appear on these tests.  While these practice tests are valuable tools in gauging your progress and becoming familiar with the test-taking process, they by no means represent a comprehensive look at the subject matter that you'll encounter on the Multiple Subjects Exam.  If you want to ensure that you are learning all the key concepts needed to pass, we suggest consulting the Content Specifications provided by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, or taking one of our CSET Prep Classes.

Overall grade: B+


Cliffs CSET Multiple Subjects

You may purchase Cliffs Test Prep's CSET Multiple Subjects guide at by clicking the image below.


In summary:

Cliffs CSET covers a great deal of information, though not always with enough clarity and detail to be effective.  Some clients thought the guide was overwhelming, while others found it to be a useful resource when used in conjunction with Private Tutoring or CSET Prep Classes.


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