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Our goal in each and every CSET Prep Class and Tutoring Session is to help you succeed.  If you're a former student, we very much appreciate your positive feedback as well as any suggestions you may have to make our programs even better!

What Our Students Say About CSET Tutor...

Our CSET test preparation programs are recommended by dozens of working teachers and school administrators in districts throughout California.  Here's what a few of our students have had to say.  (If you're a former student, we'd love to hear from you!)


"YIPPEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! I passed the CSET Subtest II (as you predicted).  I just wanted you to know that I couldn't have passed without your patience and abundant knowledge!!  Thank you again for serving as such a great resource for myself and others who are undergoing this process."

-- Linda P., Teacher, Santa Monica, CA 

"I just wanted to share my good news with you.....I passed the CSET! I am absolutely thrilled! I can finally move on with my career.  Thank you for your help."

-- Christie O., Teacher, Orange County, CA 

"Thank you so much for the tutoring session.  I have taken the CSET three times and your tutoring session really helped me a lot.  It was worth the drive from Apple Valley to come to the session.  I am going to tell all of my friends who are struggling with the CSET to attend your class!"

-- A. Bell, Teacher / Credential Candidate, Los Angeles Unified School District 

"I was terrified about taking the math and science test, but your tutoring gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to ace the test.  Thanks a million!"

-- Mary D., 3rd Grade Teacher, Pasadena, CA 

"I just wanted to thank you for all of your insight and information about the CSET.  I have been through two study guide books, each one more confusing than the next, and since this is my first time taking it I just felt at a loss as to where to begin to study.  Taking your class put it all  into perspective for me, so I thank you for that and thank you for being so personable and approachable that made a long day bearable."

-- Sheryl T., Teacher / School Director, Venice, CA

"When I opened my CSET mail result yesterday, I found out I passed Subtest II I was so happy that I found so many helpful and valuable sections in your class. I did not study anything except your materials that you gave us.  Thank you Robert, you have made my hopes come true I want to enroll in your other prep classes as well."

-- HieuHanh N., Credential Candidate and After-School Teacher, Rialto, CA 


If you'd like to learn more about our highly-rated CSET Multiple Subjects preparation programs, please visit our CSET Prep Class page, or visit CSET Prep Class Registration to enroll now! 


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