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The key to effective CSET Test Preparation is to begin early.  This means at least a month, or more, prior to your planned test date.  Your first step in an effective CSET Test Preparation program should be...

Self Evaluation

Before you begin to study, or enroll in any
CSET Prep Course, you should first assess your major areas of strength and weakness.  This will not only help you target the areas you need to focus on, but will also help you decide how much time you should allot for CSET preparation.  We recommend taking a number of practice exams so that you will get a sense of the areas in which you are consistently strong or weak.  After all, anyone can get lucky, or unlucky, when answering any one specific question.

One source we recommend for CSET practice tests as you begin your CSET test preparation is the NES website, located at www.cset.nes.com.  NES is the company that administers the actual CSET exam, and they offer practice tests on their website that can be taken online or downloaded as a PDF and printed.  (Please consider taking their test online to avoid printing and help the environment!)

The other source we recommend for self evaluation as you undertake your CSET Test Preparation program is the complete online CSET Practice Test available here on our website.  This interactive CSET Practice Test covers all three subtests of the Multiple Subjects Exam, and will not only give you your scores in each subtest area, but also allows us to give a you a complete breakdown of your individual strengths and weaknesses, which is extremely valuable as you begin to prepare.  This CSET test preparation service is absolutely free!

Your second step as you prepare for the CSET is...

Designing an Effective CSET Preparation Program for You

For many students, this is as simple as taking one of our CSET Prep Courses covering the specific area, or areas, of weakness in which they need review.  As a general rule of CSET test preparation, we suggest taking a CSET Prep Course in any subtest area in which you score 80% or less correct on your practice exam.  To determine your percent correct, divide your number of correct answers by the total number of questions in that subtest.  For example, if you got 22 answers correct on Multiple Subjects Subtest 3, which has a total of 39 multiple choice questions, your percent correct is 56%.

If you find that you need to take a prep class in all three Multiple Subjects subtest areas, don't worry, you're not alone-- this is a very challenging test for most teaching candidates.  We offer a discounted rate for students wishing to take all three of our CSET test prep courses.  Visit our CSET Prep Class Registration page for prices and details.

If you discover that you only need a CSET Prep Course in one or two of the three Multiple Subjects subtest areas, we also allow you to enroll in just the classes you need.  Again, visit our CSET Prep Class registration page for full details.

If you find that you are weak in only one specific area of a subtest, you may wish to consider Private Tutoring to focus on that that specific area.  You may also wish to consider a private tutor, or tutoring in conjunction with a CSET Prep Course, if you find that your score is extremely low on one or more subtest.  Contact us if you'd like more info on private tutoring.

Something to remember during your CSET test preparation, is that we all have a different learning style and pace.  Our CSET Prep Courses cover all the key subject matter you need to pass, so this can often be a great deal of info to absorb in one day!  You should be prepared to take good notes, and allow time to review these notes daily for at least a week prior to the test.  You should also review the free CSET Study Guide that will be included with your course to make sure you are comfortable with all the concepts listed.  If you are unclear on any concept, you should ask your instructor or tutor for additional help.  That's what we're here for, and we're more than happy to assist you!

Your final step in CSET test preparation is...

Being Ready on Test Day

This doesn't just mean doing your homework ahead of time.  It also means being well rested, energized and early on the day of your test.  

Do not stay up late cramming the night before your test!  This will only result in you being tired and stressed out on test day.  Get a good night's sleep, then eat a light, but nutritious breakfast-- the kind of meal that you might eat before going hiking.  Taking the CSET can be just as stressful on your mind, and body, as exercising, so an important aspect of CSET test preparation is making sure you're well rested and well fueled so you won't crash halfway through the test.

We also recommend arriving at your test site at least an hour early.  This will lower your stress level and also give you some extra time to review your notes just before the test.  Going over key points one last time right before the exam is an excellent way to have these concepts fresh in your mind.


We hope you have found this CSET Test Preparation advice helpful.  

Further prep tips, as well as great strategies for taking the actual exam, are included in every CSET Prep Course!

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