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Frequently asked questions generally fall into two categories:

If you can't find the answer to your question in either of these two sections, please feel free to contact us.  We're happy to help.



Questions About CSET Tutor

1. What services do you offer to help me prepare for the CSET?

CSET Tutor offers several services to help California credential candidates prepare for the CSET Multiple Subjects Exam.  We offer CSET Prep Classes which cover all the key subject matter you will need to pass each subtest, and also offer private CSET Tutoring if you need additional help with specific concepts.  In addition, we also offer a number of free services, such as our popular interactive online CSET Practice Tests.

2. What study materials are included with your CSET Prep Classes?

Our popular CSET Study Guide is included with every CSET Prep Class free of charge.  This concise, easy-to-read study guide outlines all the key concepts that you will need to know in order to pass your specific CSET Multiple Subjects subtest.  We also include a free CSET Practice Test that your instructor will work through with you during your course.

You should bring your own note-taking materials, and if you are taking a Subtest 2 (Math and Science) prep class, you should also bring a standard calculator.

3. Is it correct that your CSET Prep Classes are guaranteed?

That's correct.  All of our CSET Prep Classes are guaranteed*.  If you take one of our prep classes and don't pass the corresponding CSET Multiple Subjects subtest, you can take the class again, free!

*Some basic guidelines and restrictions do apply.  For full details, please visit our CSET Prep Class page and read the "Our Guarantee" section.

4. What do you mean when you say all the key subject matter needed to pass will be covered in your prep class?  Isn't it impossible to know exactly what will be asked on the exam?

While it is, of course, impossible to know exactly what questions will be asked on any particular CSET exam, what we do know is that all of the questions will fall within the subject matter domains established by the CSET Content Specifications published by the California Commission of Teacher Credentialing (CCTC).  In designing our prep classes, we have analyzed these content specifications and developed detailed lists of all the most important concepts within each subject area.  These are the concepts we cover in our prep classes.

If you understand the above-mentioned concepts, you should be able to answer 90% or more of the questions that will appear on your CSET exam-- enough to easily achieve a passing score.

5. What kind of feedback do you typically get from students who have taken your prep classes?

The feedback we get from most students is outstanding.  Since 2005, we've helped countless credential candidates pass the CSET.  That's why our programs are recommended by working teachers and school administrators throughout California.  If you'd like to read what some of our former students have had to say, please visit our Student Feedback page.

6. How do I register for your CSET Prep Classes?

To register, simply visit our CSET Prep Class Registration page and click on the "Buy Now" link next to the class of your choice.  You will be redirected to PayPal's secure server, where you may pay for your class using any major credit or debit card.

7. How can I get a map and directions to my prep class?  What if I want to view a prep class itinerary?

If you wish to get a map or directions to your prep class, or view a class itinerary, you may do so by clicking the corresponding links next to your prep class on the CSET Prep Class Registration page.


General Questions About Preparing for the CSET Exam

1. How long will I need in order to prepare for the CSET?

This really depends on a number of factors such as your educational background, learning style, and existing subject matter knowledge.  For many test takers, simply taking our CSET prep class is ample preparation.  Others choose to supplement their prep course with several private tutoring sessions to focus on specific concepts with which they want extra help.  To get a sense of your current knowledge level, we suggest taking our free, online CSET Practice Test.

2. Can you suggest any online reading to help me prepare for the test?

Certainly.  There are a number of good online articles from sources such as Wikipedia that can help you review for the CSET.  We have compiled a number of the most relevant articles here.  We hope you will find these to be a useful resource.  However, you should note that these articles are not written specifically for CSET prep, and do not cover all the subject matter you will need to pass.  If you want a full review of all the key concepts you need to pass the CSET, you should consider enrolling in one of our CSET Prep Classes.  All of our prep classes also include a free copy of our simple, concise, and effective CSET Study Guide.

3. What other advice can you give me to help me prepare for the exam?

There are several key steps to successful CSET test preparation, including effective self evaluation, designing an individualized preparation program that addresses your unique strengths and weaknesses, and taking steps to ensure that you can perform at you best on the actual day of the exam.  For detailed advise and suggestions, visit our CSET Test Preparation page.


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