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Beating the CSET! Study Guide

Beating the CSET! is certainly one of the more well-known CSET Study Guides.  Here we provide a thorough review of Beating the CSET! to help you decide if this is the right study guide for you.

Like a number of CSET guides, Beating the CSET! is quite lengthy.  But unlike most of its competitors, this book contains no practice tests, so nearly every one of its 560 pages is dedicated to content review.  Many of our clients felt that the amount of subject matter presented in this tome was simply too much to absorb, while others appreciated the degree of detail and found that it was useful when used in conjunction with the clear, concise subject matter outline provided in our free CSET Study Guide.

While the sheer amount of information provided in Beating the CSET!, as well as its helpful tables and charts, may prove quite useful to some readers, we also found several areas of concern.  First, the book was written by multiple authors with disparate writing styles, so you may find the book feels disjointed and a bit confusing as you move from one section to the next.  Second, and most importantly, Beating the CSET! is very poorly edited.  The book contains extensive spelling, grammar, and content errors.

The lack of practice tests included in Beating the CSET! can be justified by the additional subject matter review the authors provide.  After all, you can download practice tests from NES Inc., or take the free CSET Practice Test provided here on our website.  But the fact that numerous important facts presented in this book are completely incorrect makes us reluctant to recommend Beating the CSET! despite its many other strengths.

If you should still choose to purchase Beating the CSET!, we recommend using it in conjunction with Private Tutoring or CSET Prep Classes which can help clarify any inconsistencies in the material.

Overall grade: C


Beating the CSET!

You may purchase the Beating the CSET! Multiple Subjects guide at by clicking the image below.


In summary:

Beating the CSET! contains a more thorough subject matter review than most of its competitors, but unfortunately is riddled with spelling, grammar, and most importantly, content errors.


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